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2018 Images

First vendor

Annie van Rozen, from A.G.'s Produce, was bundled up earlier today as she set up for the first day of the market at the new Rainy Lake Square here. She will be selling various produce items from her Emo farm, such as basil, parsley, spinach, radishes, and pickled beets, every Thursday from 8:30 a.m.-1 p.m. (or while supplies last).

—Photo by Stephanie Hagenaars

Speed sign

Motorists on Colonization Road West will be made more aware of their speed as the town earlier this week moved its mobile electronic speed sign there from Fifth Street West.

Admiring gift box

Cynthia Hudson, left, and Chantal Derendorf admired a gift box up for bid in the silent auction at Sunday afternoon's “Mama Needs to Relax” fundraiser at Robert Moore School gym. The event once again saw the generous support of district businesses and residents when it came to donated items.

McTaggarts facelift

In the spirit of the work done on Scott Street last year, as well as the building of the Rainy Lake Square, McTaggarts is getting a facelift. Kyle Glowasky Contracting began work last week on the storefront of the Scott Street mainstay and will be giving it a full makeover in the next month or so.

Jewellry display

Nicole Broman, left, and her niece, Madison Rheault, checked out a soap set on display along with some jewellery in the “Retreat Boutique" section of the "Mama Needs to Relax” spring luncheon here on Sunday afternoon.

'Walk for Water'

FFHS teacher Sarah Arpin, who helped organize the inaugural “Walk for Water" event last Thursday, walked around the track at Fort High with her son Austin, and daughter, Peyton. Those who walked the track had a chance to wear weighted backpacks that simulated what those in Third World countries endure every day to get clean water.

Cattle sale

Residents from across the district gathered at the Stratton sales barn on Saturday for the first cattle sale of the year. Some 1,535 cattle were sold for a total of almost $1.85 million. The annual spring sale was well-attended and brought a significant payday to many of the district's cattle farmers.

Checking out top

Sue Ball checked out a nice summer top in the “Retreat Boutique" set up at the "Mama Needs to Relax” fundraiser Sunday afternoon at the Robert Moore School gym. Just one of many ways to raise funds at the event, the boutique sold donated clothing, soaps, and other fun items at low prices.