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Splish, splash!

It may be winter outside but it was a busy day at the “beach” inside at the Fort Frances Nursery School this morning. Aaron Wood, left, Treyden Calder, Liam Dent, and Hayden Becket were among those getting a splash out of the wading pools that were filled up for the youngsters.

Crease scrum

Muskie Kristen Penner battled International Falls’ Broncos Sydney Gordon (#16) and Mackenzie Roboin (#7) during an exhibition tilt across the river last night. The Muskies won 3-2 to sweep the three-game season series between the two border rivals.

Family fun

Lincoln Dunn and his daughter, Naomi, took part in the United Church youth group’s sliding party Sunday afternoon at Lions Park in Emo. The youth group and others from the community took full advantage of the fresh snow and milder weather to enjoy an afternoon of sliding.

Freeze Yer Gizzard

Participants young and old made their way along an icy five-km route as part of the annual “Freeze Yer Gizzard Blizzard Run” on Saturday morning over in International Falls in conjunction with “Icebox Days.” Some braver runners took on the 10-km version of the race later that morning.

Break from the cold

Thomas LePine, left, and Avery Adrian made good use of the milder weather yesterday afternoon to brush up on their hockey skills at the East End rink. Other youths also were out skating there. Temperatures are expected to remain warmer for most of the week, only to plunge again Friday.

NOHFC Funding

Following Tuesday’s announcement of more funding for the new technology centre here, Deputy Mayor Sharon Tibbs, left, Northern Development and Mines minister Michael Gravelle, and library board chair Joyce Cunningham are looking forward to using this shovel for a ground-breaking ceremony in the spring.

Some icicle

While icicles normally aren’t a common sight until it gets warm enough for snow to melt or because of heat escaping from inside a building, this six-footer off an unheated shack must be the result of the sun reflecting off its metal roof.

Winter scene

The Rainy River below the dam was shrouded in mist this morning as winter continues to grasp Borderland in its icy clutches. But there should be some relief from the frigid temperatures in the next few days, with the mercury possibly rising to minus-two C by Tuesday.

'Fowl'-weather friends?

Birds of a feather do, indeed, flock together, especially when it’s minus-30 C with a wind chill warning in effect, as these colourful ducks spotted locally this morning can attest to. Fortunately, a warming trend is in the forecast, with the mercury possibly rising close to zero C by Monday.