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Common loon an icon of the north

The cry of the loon. That haunting call coming across the lake in the evening.

No sound represents Northern Ontario better.

The loon, however, is not confined to us here in the north. It breeds all across Canada, except in the really far north and the great plains of the Prairies.

It also breeds in parts of Europe, where it is called the Great Northern Diver. But about 80 percent of these loons nest in Canada.

Wherever it nests, it is always close to the water, usually in a small lake in the woods or in a bay of a larger lake.

October a great month to fish for crappies

I look forward to fall every year because now that the bass tournament season is over, I get to spend some time chasing other species around.

We’re blessed here in Sunset Country to have a world-class fishery for walleyes, crappies, pike, musky, lake trout, and, of course bass, not to mention some of the other less popular fish that inhabit our lakes.

October may provide some of the finest crappie fishing of the year and anglers can take advantage of high activity levels to put a few fish on the table.

What age would you rather be?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always looked forward to the next stage of life.

It all began when I was three years old. We lived next door to our country schoolhouse, so I

played with the other “kids” during their breaks. But when the bell rang, everybody went into the

schoolhouse except me. And, sadly, I had to trudge home by myself.

As a result, I couldn’t wait for first grade. That was just the beginning of my looking ahead to what came next.

Your vote makes a difference

Next Tuesday, as Canadians, we will choose who will govern us for the next few years and how that government will be shaped.

For the past 30 months, the Conservatives under Stephen Harper have governed with a minority of

members. Prior to that, the Liberal party under the leadership of Paul Martin governed with a minority

for 18 months.

From September, 1984 through to December, 2004, first Brian Mulroney and then Jean Chrétien led the country with majority governments.


Fort Frances and district residents have given a ringing endorsement to the new Fort Frances Public Library and Technology Centre that’s to be built at the corner of Second Street East and Reid Avenue in behind the Memorial Sports Centre.

New counselling programs offered to First Nations’ men

A demographic often forgotten when it comes to counselling, district First Nations’ men now have two unique services available to help them heal through group work.

Offered by the Fort Frances Tribal Area Health Services Inc.’s Counselling Unit, the “In Search of Your Warrior” program and the men’s sharing circle have never been offered here before.