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Opening dialogue

Dear editor:

I'm writing in response to the letter to the editor from Gordon Woollard in the Wednesday, Feb. 1 edition of the Times. My name is Angela and I am one of the owners of Rainy River Cannabis Collective (R.R.C.C.)

First, I would like to thank Mr. Woollard for taking the time to write in, opening a dialogue as I'm sure many folks around the area have questions.

The cancer-fighting medicine he mentioned is Rick Simpsons Oil. I know it may seem unbelievable to hear it has cured many different types of cancer. However, it does.

I encourage everyone to not take my word for this and do their own research. A simple Google search on the topic will return you many links to patient first-hand experiences with shrinking and killing tumors. Rick Simpson is a pioneer in this area as he first cured his own cancer with the medicine he created. His website is

I highly encourage anyone facing a cancer diagnosis to look into this natural option. Of course, it can be used to overcome the terrible side effects of chemo and radiation treatment, but it also is used to kill cancer cells.

We have known from the 1970s that cannabis actually causes cancer cells to die without killing the healthy cells around them, and now around the world, universities, and governments are continuing already existing research projects.

Cannabis not only is effective for fighting cancer but a myriad of other diseases, as well, such as Parkinson's, MS, epilepsy, arthritis, chronic pain, and many others.

To address Mr. Woollard's other concern about the lack of doctors in the area, I agree. It was very difficult for me and my family to get a family doctor. However, I don't see Dr. Brake's work with patients as taking him away from service.

Rather, if patients seek and achieve success with cannabis therapies, then perhaps they will require fewer appointments with local doctors for things like opiate and sleeping pill refills. Those appointments then can be offered to other patients and perhaps those doctors can open up spots and take on new patients.

Dr. Brake is very passionate about cannabis and I think it is very necessary and beneficial to be able to offer patients a doctor who is well-informed about cannabis therapies. Many of our clients are seeking to end their opiates and sleeping pill prescriptions. And considering the terrible side effects of these medications like addiction, organ damage, and script deviation, cannabis is an appropriate natural option.

I truly feel, and the Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that, every Canadian has the right to reasonable access to medical cannabis.

We, too, always encourage our members to grow their own medicine as you did mention in your letter. Thank you so much for that. There is nothing more therapeutic and natural then tending your own garden, knowing you are growing your own medicine and achieving wellness naturally.

I know change can be scary. Every time I turn on the news and see the breakneck changes around the world, I feel some fear. However, medical cannabis has been around as a federal program for many years. It isn't new.

Considering our skin and brains have receptors that only activate when cannabis is present makes me believe our bodies are hard-wired to reap the benefits of its design. It is our goal to help people in the most beneficial, professional, and compassionate way possible while contributing to our community.

Thank you, again, for lending your voice to the conversation. I welcome all questions, comments, and concerns or if you are ready to learn more about this amazing medicine, please feel free to come by the shop or call us at 274-4020.

Warmest regards,

Angela Olson,

Owner, R.R.C.C.,

Fort Frances, Ont.

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