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Tory inaction irks Boshcoff


Thunder Bay-Rainy River MP Ken Boshcoff is frustrated by the inaction of the Conservative government to address serious challenges faced by the local forest industry and exporters across the country due to the surging value of the Canadian dollar.

“While Prime Minister Harper and NDP leader Layton muse about the importance of Senate reform, workers in my riding are struggling for their jobs,” said Boshcoff.

“Our forest industry has been fighting an uphill battle for years and the high Canadian dollar certainly isn’t doing them any favours right now.

“With each incremental increase of the value of the Canadian dollar, the selling price of our forestry exports to the U.S. goes up and demand goes down,” he noted.

“The Conservative government has done nothing to help our struggling forestry sector, and has actually added to the crisis by cancelling the Liberal government’s $1.5 billion Forest Industry Competitiveness Plan that was set up in November, 2005 to help ensure that our forest industry remains a strong and vibrant part of the national economy,” Boshcoff continued.

That plan included a five-year National Forest Community Adjustment Fund to help support economic diversification for forestry workers and forest dependent communities, Boshcoff said.

It also included funds for companies to invest in the type of research and technology that would help our forestry industry move up the value-added chain and become more competitive in the world, he added.

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