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Beware Brown Code prescriptions

Dear editor,

Celiac disease is becoming recognized in the district as a debilitating health problem including both children and adults. Celiac disease, now known to be hereditary, is caused by a gluten antigen in various grains, mostly wheat.

Now the headline news today is a weight reduction prescription, used extensively in the United States, would be a great asset to Canadians.

The prescription is explained to be a simple combination of plenty of fats and ingredients that do not allow the bowel system to absorb food nutrients. The only side affect is a violent bowel discharge of undigested foods, hence the term “Brown Code.”

In my books this is creating a celiac disease—and believe me “Brown Code” would only be the first of many destructive symptoms to destroying the human body!

If there is a weight problem find out Why! There will be more to worry about with the onset of “Brown Code”!


Norm D. Pattison

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