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Four locals going to ag conference


Four district residents will be heading to a conference in London, Ont. later this month, entitled “Diversification and Management for Profit,” thanks to funding from the Rural Economic Development Committee of the Rainy River Future Development Corp.

Trish Neilson, president of the Rainy River Federation of Agriculture, had sought funding to send the participants so they can bring back knowledge of innovative farming to the district.

Eric Busch, an agriculture intern in the district, will attend the conference, along with Greg Stahn, David Loewen, and David Nussbaumer.

“It’s a privilege to be able to go, especially without the expense,” noted Loewen, who owns a greenhouse business in Stratton.

“It’s definitely going to be a good way to learn about innovative farming,” he added. “To see what’s happening and how that can be used to improve our agricultural community.”

Loewen is interested in several topics being discussed at the conference, such as “Start-up and Operational Considerations for a Diverse Farm” and “Considering the Economics of a Farm Enterprise.”

“They will discuss what to do and what not to do when starting an enterprise,” Loewen explained, adding the latter discussion will provide insight into financial considerations.

Other topics include “Alternate sources of energy on the farm,” “New tools and new rules for success in an emerging marketplace,” and “Farm opportunities in Northern Ontario.”

Neilson said many of the topics at the conference, which runs from Feb. 21-22, will benefit the district’s farming economy.

“This is a really exciting time,” she enthused. “Local farmers are starting to work together. The enthusiasm and research are growing.

“We’re going to learn to invest so we get something in return,” she added.

Loewen said he will be ready to spread his knowledge around the district once he returns from the conference.

“It’s important the information be passed along to other farmers,” he stressed. “I’ll be prepared to do a write-up of the highlights.”

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