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Michigan trio fined


Three Michigan men have been fined a total of $7,250 for illegal deer-hunting activities and face several years of hunting suspensions.

Bruce Hansen of Traverse City was fined $3,250 ,and is banned from hunting in Ontario for three years, for abandoning a white-tailed deer and littering.

Josh Hansen of Kingsley was fined $3,250, and is banned from hunting in Ontario for three years, for abandoning a white-tailed deer, allowing deer meat to spoil, and littering.

Terry Almquist, also of Kingsley, was fined $750 for allowing deer meat to spoil.

Court heard that on Oct. 28, Ministry of Natural Resources technicians conducting field work outside of Minaki came across two male deer carcass in a ditch.

One carcass still had a large amount of meat.

The next day, conservation officers visited tourist resorts in the Minaki area and found the hunters responsible for the deer carcasses.

Upon further investigation, the officers discovered the hunters’ harvested meat was spoiling in a plastic container in the back of a vehicle.

The officers determined that Almquist and Josh Hansen were responsible for the deer and the meat.

Almquist had removed the antlers from his deer, and Josh Hansen had removed and frozen the cape and antlers from his deer.

While conducting the investigation, officers found another deer cape and antlers among the hunters’ belongings. They learned that Bruce Hansen shot a deer off the Cygnet Lake Road.

With the assistance of Josh Hansen, he removed the deer cape and antlers and left the rest of the animal in the woods.

Officers located the carcass, but animals had scavenged the remains.

They also found pop cans and bottles buried under rocks, along with wood debris, at the location where Bruce and Josh Hansen had been hunting.

Justice of the Peace Robert McNally heard the case Feb. 1 in Kenora.

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