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Deer hunter jailed, fined


A Wisconsin man has been sentenced to 10 days in jail, fined $11,000, and suspended from hunting in Ontario for seven years for illegal deer hunting involving a power boat.

Philip Borofka, 56, of Marshfield, Wis., was sentenced under the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act to serve 10 days in jail and pay fines of $6,000 for mortally wounding a deer with a power boat, $1,500 for shooting a deer from a power boat, and $3,500 for shooting a swimming deer.

The boat, owned by a third party, and Borofka’s firearm will be returned once his fines are paid.

Back on Oct. 20, Kenora District conservation officers were conducting surveillance of deer hunters in the Cochrane Island area of Lake of the Woods.

During the surveillance, Borofka’s six-man hunting party forced a deer from an island into the water. Borofka then shot at the swimming deer from a power boat.

After missing, Borofka ran it over with the power boat, mortally wounding the deer with the engine’s propeller.

He then shot at the deer again from the boat.

Justice of the Peace Roger McCraw heard the case March 5 in Kenora.

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