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Local dance students shine


Dancers at the Fort Dance Studio took their Al Gilbert Tap and Jazz exams April 16 at the Northwestern Ontario Dance Centre in Thunder Bay.

They also participated in workshops the previous day.

The following are the exam results:

< *c>Grade 1 Tap

•Katie Blais (100)

•Jazmine Gauthier (100)

< *c>Grade 2 Tap

•Borka Gauthier (100)

•Michele Gilbert (100)

•Kathryn Pierroz (97)

•Susan Ploegman (100)

•Jennifer Coats (97)

•Armando Gauthier (100)

< *c>Primary Jazz

•Joelle Barron (98)

•Jazmine Gauthier (99)

•Riley Keast (98)

•Jenna Nowak (96)

•Lauren Krueger (100)

•Brooke Fontana (97)

< *c>Grade 1 Jazz

•Pam Cherry (100)

•Borka Gauthier (100)

•Armando Gauthier (94)

•Michele Gilbert (100)

Congratulations to all exam students!

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