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Forest reserve preserved


Ontario is protecting the environment, and giving clarity to developers, by ensuring the Wolf Lake Old Growth Forest in the Timiskaming District remains a protected area.

Retaining Wolf Lake’s Forest Reserve status prohibits the commercial harvesting of old-growth red pine while still allowing for exploration and development of existing mining claims and leases.

An Environmental Registry posting was made in June, 2011 to consult on the future use of the Wolf Lake Forest Reserve.

The decision to maintain Forest Reserve status was based on feedback received through the posting.

Pursuing a balanced approach to development is part of the McGuinty government’s plan to protect the environment and support sustainable jobs for Ontario families for generations to come.

“We are taking a balanced approach to support the economic development of the north while protecting environmental treasures like the Wolf Lake Forest Reserve,” said Natural Resources minister Michael Gravelle.

“We have provided significant support to Ontario’s mining industry and we will continue to do so in the future,” he noted.

Most industrial activities, such as forestry, are prohibited under the Forest Reserve designation, with the exception of mineral exploration and development on existing mining claims and leases.

Of the original 4,099 hectares Wolf Lake Forest Reserve, roughly 40 percent was added to Chiniguichi Waterway Provincial Park after existing mining rights expired.

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