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Festival awards handed out at highlights concert


Festival awards handed out at highlights concert

•Ralph Whetstone Band Trophy (Best Band)—Fort Frances High School Senior Band (“River of Life”)

•Harper Simmons Trophy (Best brass solo performer)—Jason Godin and Christine Sletmoen

•Highlights Concert Award (French Choral Speaking)—St. Michael’s School, grade three-five (“Le Crabe”)

•CWL Award (Choral Speaking, Primary Level)—Robert Moore School, grade three (“The King’s Breakfast)

•Jaycees Trophy (Best Vocalist, 16-18)—Heather Ogilvie (“Music for a While”)

•Emily Louis Austin Award (Best Piano student, grade six-eight) and Festival Music Camp Scholarship for Piano—Laura Busch (“To a Wild Horse and Rondo Toccata”)

•Highlights Concert Award (Violin)—Bethany Johnson (“Camptown Races”)

•Highlights Concert Award (Violin)—Nicole Mueller (“The Snake Song”)

•Highlights Concert Award (Violin)—Kelsae Quibell (“Shortnin’ Bread”)

•Muriel Ross Memorial Scholarship and Festival Music Camp Scholarship for Instrumental—Melinda Hawkins (Piano), “Nocturne, Op. 54, No. 4”

•Lillian Thomas Memorial Award (Most promising vocalist, 10 and under)—Annelise Hawrylak (“Can You Feel the Love Tonight?”)

•Barbara and Bruce Murray Award (Most promising piano student, beginner to grade two)—Mike Sande (“Climb up on an Elephant”)

•Gillies Instrumental Award (Group of two-eight)—Michelle Murray, Heather Ogilvie, Angela Barron, and Dawn Pruys (“La Caccia”)

•Highlights Concert Award (Vocal)—Jody Barker (“Arms of Love”)

•Intermediate Board of Education Award (Most promising student, grade seven or eight)—Katie Bondett (Humourous Reading), Excerpt from “The Loon in my Bathtub”

•Elementary Board of Education Award (Most promising student, grade six and under)—Jesse Carmody (Poetry), “Mice”

•June Clink Memorial Award (Most promising vocalist, 13 and under)—Sarah Hallikas (“Ice Cream”)

•Nestor Falls Lions’ Club Vocal Duet Award (Best duet performance)—Sarah Hebert and Cara Coran (“On Eagle’s Wings”)

•Highlights Concert Award (Dance)—Pamela Cherry, Sallee Drazenovich, Michele Gilbert, Sarah Hallikas, Jenna-Rae Tucker, Jessica George, Aubrey Byrne, Danielle Lee, Sarah Hebert, and Katie Pierroz (“Rollin’ in America”)

•Rainy River District Festival Award for Outstanding Achievement—Emo Centennial Choir

•Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario Award (Best choir in Festival), plus Northern Lights Credit Union Trophy (Massed choir grades 4,5,6)—Robert Moore School

•Elks Award (Drama, elementary level)—Katie Bondett, Laura Busch, and Dayna DeBenedet (Skit), Adaptation of “All for an Ice Cream”

•Highlights Concert Award—Crossroads School Girls’ Choir (“Feed the Birds” and “Music is My Life”)

•Helen Parris Memorial Award (Individual string player demonstrating outstanding musicality)—Mark Barron (Violin), “Minuet”

•Highlights Concert Award (Piano)—Alex Parent (“New Orleans”)

•Joan Miller Award (Best stage presence in poetry or prose performance, age 10 and under)—Colin Angus (Poetry), “The Dinosaur”

•Elfie Forsberg Trophy (Most promising vocalist, 15 years and under)—Garnet Cornell (“I’d Do Anything”)

•Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (Best piano duet)—Michelle Murray and Nicole Murray (“Peer Gynt Suite, No. 1”)

•Highlights Concert Award (Original Poetry)—Angela Huntley (“Someone or Something”)

•Rotary Club Trophy (Best woodwind solo)—Angela Barron (Flute), “Polonaise and Badinerie”

•Bertha Livingstone Award (Spoken Poetry, grades five-eight) plus Festival Drama Camp Scholarship—Laura Busch (“The Wolf”)

•Highlights Concert Award (Piano)—Lindsey Sockolotuk (“Sonatina in G Major”)

•Highlights Concert Award (Vocal)—Kayla Lauzon (“Precious Lord, Take My Hand”)

•L.O.B.A. Cup (Best Instrumental solo other than piano, brass, or woodwind, 16 years and under)—Alyssa Aiken (Violin), “Concerto No. 2 in G Major and Op. 13, 1st Movement”

•Kinsmen Club Trophy (Most promising piano student, grade nine or 10)—Nicole Murray (“Romanian Folk Dances)”

•Senior Board of Education Award (Most promising student, grade nine and up)—Hilary Sedgwick (Humourous Reading), Excerpt from “The Mouse that Roared”

•Drama Rose Bowl—Katie Pierroz

•Vocal Rose Bowl—Sarah Hebert

•Piano Rose Bowl—Allison Webber

•Instrumental Rose Bowl—Angela Barron

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