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Active families to be ‘ticketed’


During the week of Feb. 16-20, Northwestern Health Unit staff will be promoting the next phase of its “Do One Thing” campaign: positive ticketing for active families.

Staff will “ticket” families they catch doing physical activity together.

Send a picture of your family being active together to and you might get “ticketed” for doing something fun and active together.

Why? Positive ticketing rewards families for “doing one thing” toward encouraging more physical activity as a family.

We want to encourage families to enjoy the many benefits of being active together.

It is about getting people’s attention and having active, healthy fun.

Make your Family Day an active day! Visit a local outdoor rink or sliding hill, get out for a winter walk or take on snowball bowling, build a snow fort, or go skating or snowshoeing.

One thing, many rewards. Small steps can lead to better health.

“One thing” adds up.

You can sign up for the “Do One Thing” 21-day challenge at

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