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Strong effort by judokas


The Borderland Judo Club attended the first-annual Dryden Judo Club tournament coined “The Grappler.”

It was an awesome display of groundwork and submission holds.

The competition focus was on ground fighting, hold downs, and submission techniques—and our kids displayed some nice skills there.

All of the matches started on the ground and you either had to pin your opponent in a hold down or (for the older kids) get a submission hold (i.e., a choke or armlock).

This was the first time ever that I've seen a judo tournament focused on ground fighting and it was exciting, and our students performed excellent.

We had great results and proved our judo strong.

Everest Hutton, in his first tournament, did very well. He competed in a tough division and did an awesome job of groundwork, but lost in the preliminary rounds despite a strong showing.

Jonathan Gray, in his first tournament, dominated his division winning gold while Gage Dyke fought his way to a hard-earned silver medal.

Ryan Ball took bronze in the men's open, Mia Woolsey secured a solid gold in her division, and Morgan Thurber-Good fought this way to a fourth-place finish.

Jaden Woolsey in took fifth in a division where he was lightest and youngest competitor while Braydon Clink placed sixth in an open men's under-18 division.

Bennet MacDonald earned a bronze in his large division

And Grace Petsnick, choosing to not fight her division but opting to fight the men's combined open and facing competitors +40 pounds her weight, won a bronze medal.

These kids should be proud of their judo—they did an awesome job this weekend.

They fought hard, and showed that our club is talented and strong.

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