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Summer practice

A participant of Katie Weatherston’s annual girls’ hockey school worked her way through a drill yesterday. The camp wraps up this afternoon at the Ice for Kids Arena.

Parade soaker

Sierra Adams soaked a crowd of bystanders watching the Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship’s annual parade of boats late yesterday afternoon. Mike Adams and Vince Godbout (Team #99) decked their boat out with a Hawaiian theme for the parade.


The “Carrie-Ann” crewed by pirates Carrie Bragg and Cassie Westover, in vicious hand-to-hand combat, rammed and eventually sank the “Tica, Tica, Tica” (crewed by Kenny Holmes and Patrick Vogan) during the sixth-annual Great Beaver Cardboard and Duct Tape Boat Races in Rainy River on Sunday.

New incubator

Christine Bethune, perinatal resource nurse at La Verendrye Hospital here, showed Larry Cousineau, chair of the Riverside Foundation for Health Care, how the new neonatal transport incubator that arrived last week works.

Marine patrol

With Cst. Pete Drouin behind the wheel of the police boat, OPP summer students Dayton Brown, left, and Cody Van Drunen, at the front of the boat, prepared to meet with a boating party last Thursday morning on the upper river here.