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Skating drill

Fort Frances Jr. Sabres’ captain Chris Sinclair led linemates Gabe Capozzi and Brendan Baumgartner around the net during a skating drill at practice yesterday. After an eight-day layoff, the squad will host the Schreiber Diesels on Thursday and then the Thunder Bay Bearcats on Friday and Saturday. All games are at 7:30 p.m.

Historic signing

Local Métis senator Gordon Calder, left, watched as Alvina Cimon, president of the Northwest Métis Nation of Ontario in Dryden, Gary Lipinski, president of the Métis Nation of Ontario, Clint Calder, president of the Sunset Country Métis in Fort Frances, and Joel Henley, president of the Kenora Métis Community Council, as they signed the long-awaited historic protocol which outlines the Crown’s

Mummy wrap

Sam Berube was wrapped like a mummy by Conner Botsford on Friday afternoon during St. Francis School’s seventh-annual junior Hallowe’en fair. All proceeds from the fair and the senior dance, which was held the previous night, will be sent to the all-girls’ Casa Amparo orphanage in Reynosa, Mexico. To date, St.

Crash site

A tree and lamp post (not pictured) were knocked over on the 500 block of the La Verendrye Parkway (Front Street) early this morning after a man driving a pickup truck fell asleep at the wheel and veered off the road. Fort Frances Power Corp., police, fire, and ambulance were called to the scene to attend to the driver, who reportedly received minor injuries.

Happy 50th ‘Boo’-day

Lori Green covered her front lawn on Colonization Road West with pumpkins Saturday as part of her 50th birthday party plans for her husband, Bob. With Hallowe’en over with the night before, she ended up gathering more than 50 of the orange gourds from around the neighbourhood and from friends.

World’s first stamp

Steve Latimer held his very own “penny black” at the Fort Frances and District Stamp Club’s open house this past Saturday at the Fort Frances Museum to commemorate its 35th year. First issued in 1840, it is considered the world’s first postage stamp. It features Queen Victoria, and cost one British penny.