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Road work to take a bit longer

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Work on Colonization Road East will take about 10 days longer than expected, with the whole project now expected to be done the first week of October.

Contractor Makkinga Contracting & Equipment Rentals currently is installing the storm sewer at the end of Fifth Street East and putting in new curbs, Operations and Facilities manager Travis Rob reported to council last night.

All of the watermain is up and running now, and the curbs are installed up to just past Third Street East.

Once the storm sewer is in and the curbing complete, the granular ‘A’ material will be put down on the entire stretch of the construction area.

That will be followed by a first layer of asphalt, the installation of the bike path along the riverfront, and landscaping.

A second layer of asphalt will be done next year.

While the contract for the project originally stated the job would be done by Sept. 23, there was four days lost to rain and six more days added to do extra work on sanitary sewer installation.

So far, the contractor has:

  • installed 70.2 metres of 600mm diameter storm sewer pipe, 46.5 metres of 300mm diameter storm sewer pipe, 15 metres of 450mm storm sewer pipe, and 18 metres of 250mm storm sewer pipe;
  • removed and replaced 10 storm sewer catch basins and two sanitary sewer manholes;
  • removed 25 metres of 150mm sanitary sewer pipes on Second Street East and installed 27.2 metres of 300mm sanitary sewer pipes there;
  • removed 3,454 sq. metres of asphalt, 370 metres of concrete curbs and gutter, 28 sq. metres of sidewalk, and 26 sq. metres of driveway aprons;
  • installed 3,250 sq. metres of geo-grid material;
  • completed the installation of three new water services;
  • removed and replaced 12 metres of 150mm watermain, 110 metres of 300mm watermain, 41 metres of 250mm watermain, and one 250mm water valve;
  • removed and replaced 30 metres of 1,350mm storm sewer pipe;
  • excavated 40 cubic metres of soft spots in the granular ‘B’ type two material and replaced it with it with new material of the same type;
  • installed two sanitary services;
  • placed and compacted 6,395 tonnes of granular ‘B’ type two material;
  • installed one fire hydrant;
  • placed and compacted 2,354.9 tonnes of granular ‘A’ material;
  • completed four watermain tie-ins; and
  • placed 1,003 metres of concrete curb and gutter.

Meanwhile, work on Phair Avenue is nearly complete.

Bay City Contracting put down the asphalt on Sept. 8, and the road was reopened to all traffic Sept. 9.

The final asphalt driveway work, landscaping, and clean-up will take place in the coming weeks.

Over the summer, the 300-600 blocks of Phair Avenue have been torn up, all of the water and sewer infrastructure replaced, and the road rebuilt.

And over at the sewage treatment plant, the new permanent de-watering equipment is in place and being tested.

Operator training also has been completed.

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