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Reading with a disability

He stopped going to school when he was 13. And when he turned 16—five days into grade 10—he officially became a high school drop-out.

And he admits he doesn’t know what grade level he was actually at.

But it wasn’t until he almost lost an arm in a bush accident when he was 25 years old that Guy Mudge found out he was dyslexic.

Literacy groups tackling stats

The Kenora-Rainy River District has found something it’s better than the national average on. But it’s not really something to be proud of.

According to the 1995 International Adult Literacy Survey, 28 percent of adults here have great difficulty reading. They have very few basic skills to work with text, and most are aware they have a problem.

Strike votes set on Bill 136

The Ontario Public Service Employees Union and Canadian Union of Public Employees over the next week will ask its locals in Rainy River District to do whatever it takes to stop the Harris government from passing Bill 136.

OPSEU will hold an information meeting and strike vote for its five locals in the district Monday at La Place Rendez-Vous starting at 7:30 p.m.