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Nine Chernobyl victims coming to district for boost

Nine child victims of the fallout from the Chernobyl nuclear accident will be coming to Rainy River District for six weeks this summer as part of a national Canadian relief effort.

Susan Affleck of Rainy River, who works with the local movement of the Canadian Relief Fund for Chernobyl Victims in Belarus, got confirmation last week that the children would be coming in late June.

Not quite the ‘Love Boat’:

The middle of February—the traditional time for Canadians to book cruises in the exotic Caribbean.

But given the lowly Canadian dollar vis-a-vis the American greenback of late, going on a cruise paid for in U.S. funds isn’t all that economical. So Fort Frances Little Theatre is offering local residents a much cheaper alternative Feb. 18-21.

Men’s wellness forum off to small but good start

Last Thursday’s meeting here on men’s wellness issues only drew 10 participants but those who did arrive were “very eager to discuss the issues,” the facilitator said.

Bill Morgenstern, who helped facilitate the meeting at Huffman School in conjunction with the Northwestern Health Unit, said Fort Frances had one of the better turnouts of those held across the region.

Local business students off to Mexico

Four women enrolled in Confederation College’s International Business course will get an invaluable training lesson in their field when they travel to Mexico at the end of the month.

Anita Barker, Lori Godin, Angela Halvorsen, and Patti Jorgensen take the course at the Fort Frances campus through tele-conferencing with the Thunder Bay one.