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What about the kids?

Parents who relied on either of the two school systems or Fort Frances Nursery School Inc. to look after their children during the day will suddenly find there's a grave shortage of day care in town if the teachers go on strike.

District crowned 'safe community'

Rainy River District has been named one of 10 safe communities across the country, and will be handed the prestigious title officially at a ceremony here Nov. 13.

And that has opened up funding doors—to the tune of $25,000 over two years from the Safe Communities Foundation—for the Rainy River Valley Safety Coalition, allowing it to hire a part-time safety co-ordinator.

'See Spot Run' up the charts

See Spot. See Spot Run—and play guitar, get signed, record a top 40 single, and become famous.

Well, almost.

“See Spot Run," a familiar rock band to many Fort Frances residents, stopped in at the Rainy Lake one more time last week to promote their latest CD, "Ten Stories High.”

Teachers to walk out

Teachers will walk off the job after negotiations between Education and Training minister Dave Johnson and the Ontario Teachers' Federation collapsed yesterday.

Both parties left the bargaining table feeling a bit slighted after two days of talks on Bill 160 yielded noting but bad feelings.