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Between a rock and a hard place

Imagine you are a skilled handyman but you can’t find work anywhere.

Now add in a family, including a wife and three children to feed, and a set of circumstances where you fail to qualify for any unemployment benefits.

What would you do?

Such is the quandary facing Ivan Sieveking, an Emo man who has been out of work since the middle of March.

Times wins awards

The Fort Frances Times brought home several awards from the annual spring convention of the Ontario Community Newspapers Association last weekend in Toronto.

Competing against more than 100 community newspapers (regardless of circulation size), the Times took top honours in the province in the “Use of Art Service” category for a McTaggart’s ad designed by Cheryl Behan.

‘Our Lady of the Missions’ convent to close Saturday

The landmark residence at 335 Nelson St. here will be the site of a special ceremony Saturday at 1:30 p.m. when its function as a convent for the “Sisters of the Lady of the Missions” officially ends.

The home has served as a convent for 80 years, with some 85 Sisters having passed through it during that time span. The home recently was sold to a local family.