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Emo Health Centre evacuated

Thursday morning, June 18, Riverside Health Care issued a Code Green Hospital Evacuation for Emo Health Centre. The Code Green was issued after a previous Code Grey resulting from failure of the Air-Conditioning System at the facility. Warm weather and the limitations of the backup Air-Conditioning system required issuance of a Code Green to ensure the safety of residents and staff.

Town seeking grant to renovate pool, centre

The Town of Fort Frances is seeking a grant as part of the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program, to carry out renovations at the Memorial Sports Centre in Fort Frances.

The grant application states that there are some structural issues the building is dealing with that need to be renovated in order to serve the needs of Fort Frances residents.

Local woman finds passion between woven threads

Art is said to be a skill acquired through practice, talent and dedication. A skill worth every struggle. But for Carolyn Mount, 45, art was embedded in her since day one. She has spent her life navigating between all forms of art to satisfy her passions. Passing seamlessly, back and forth, between photography, embroidery, sculptures and textiles, Mount is a natural born weaver.