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Tickets still available for ‘Real Deal’ showcase party


Marc McNay hopes people get their tickets soon so they don’t miss out on his fundraising event and pre-screening party set for this Saturday (Sept. 10) at the Copper River Inn here.

McNay will be showcasing some never-before-seen footage from his hunting-based TV show, “The Real Deal,” which currently is airing for its second season on Wild TV.

“Each year before my program airs, I hold a screening event in Dryden,” the former Fort Frances resident explained.

“This year’s event was such a hit that the day after it was over, I was asked if I would do one in Fort Frances,” he noted.

“With Fort Frances being my hometown, it was just a natural thing to bring ‘The Real Deal’ back to Fort Frances,” McNay said.

Saturday’s event, which gets underway at 6:30 p.m., is being billed as an evening of fun, games, auctions, prizes, appetizers, a cash bar, and much more.

Tickets cost $25 each, which can be purchased from Sandra McNay (276-1293).

“We’re going to have a chance for people to win all kinds of stuff,” McNay enthused.

Indian Point Camp, for instance, has donated a bear hunt that will be auctioned off.

“The prizes are coming in like crazy,” McNay said.

“And I’m excited about the little appetizers—some wild-game treats and exotic cheeses,” he added.

“You can’t get much better than that.”

McNay said the event is a way for him to give back to his sponsors, supporters, and fans.

“A lot of recognition for all those people because the outdoors TV industry is very tricky,” he remarked.

“We don’t get paid to air and it’s a very, very expensive thing.

“So without sponsors, supporters, and partners, I don’t have a show,” he stressed.

“So it’s a chance to showcase them; at the same time giving back to the fans a little bit.”

McNay noted he’ll be offering a little sneak peak behind the scenes of what happens when filming a TV show.

“I’ve got lots of videos, a couple of little talks, and a couple of special guests that are going to be talking, as well,” he said, adding “The Real Deal” is exactly that—real.

“There’s a lot of fake stuff on TV right now,” McNay remarked. “But with ‘The Real Deal,’ we keep it real and they are going to see that at this event.

“They are going to see just how real we are,” he vowed. “Mistakes happen, and you’re going to see a little bit of that on some of the videos.

“And you’re going to see some of the successes,” he added.

“There’s a nice range of highs and lows.”

McNay landed his own show after participating in a reality TV show called “The Search” back in 2014.

“Although we were the smallest team with the smallest budget, we didn’t win,” he recalled.

But the pair came in second place and due to their “extreme professionalism,” they were asked to produce their own full-season TV show.

“That year, we filmed with the anticipation of having our own show and we were able to pull off 13 original episodes,” McNay said.

“And it’s been going strong ever since.

“Each year gets a little bigger and a little better, and we improve and we learn,” he added.

They currently are in the process of filming their next season.

Meanwhile, McNay is hoping people come out Saturday night to check out the show.

“Ticket sales are going well,” he said.

And with only 200 tickets available, he stressed people shouldn’t wait until the last minute.

McNay also will be making a major announcement regarding broader viewing.

“We’re going to continue with the pace we’re going, which is growing fast,” he enthused.

“I’m also in the process of bringing a hunting-related item to market, so that’s going to go along with the TV show.”

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