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Councillor offers condolences to Canadian victims


One third of the victims from the Ukrainian International Airlines Flight 752 that was shot down by Iran were Canadian and Coun. Douglas Judson provided his condolences during council's meeting on Monday.

He recognized the families and communities that the approximately 60 Canadian victims have left behind.

“I realize how distant these headlines can feel from our northern community but I think we've all been touched by the stories of loss and the profiles of the individuals and the families not so different from our own, which have merged in the past few days,” Coun. Judson remarked.

“As our own community becomes increasingly diverse and attracts new residents from distant places-and as a border town with day to day experience with security concerns-we're reminded how small our world is at this time of increased destabilization, misinformation, and fear.”

Coun. Judson said the public is also reminded that it's the start of a new decade and as we watch the world respond to the Australian wildfires crisis-these hardships call for leadership from everybody.

“We can and should use the tools and platforms available to us to respond to suffering, tragedy, and loss with heart and compassion and vision for how we can make things better and drive change in our world,” Coun. Judson noted.

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