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Letter to the Editor

Letters to the Editor Policies

All newspapers encourage letters to the editor and intend to print the opinions of their readers with as few restrictions as possible. The Fort Frances Times is no exception.

Rules governing letters to the editor in the Fort Frances Times are:

  1. All letters must be signed, and the name of the write will be printed with all letters published.
  2. The writer must submit his/her letter in person and satisfactory identify themselves, or submit a telephone number to be used to verify that the letter was actually written by the person whose name is included on it, delaying publication if necessary to make the verification.
  3. Letter will not be accepted from people outside the local coverage area unless the letters are written on a topic of primarily local interest.
  4. If a letter attacks another individual or group, the Times will allow a response in the same edition.
  5. Letters should not exceed 300 words and may be edited for length and content.

Reasons not to be a jerk

Dear editor,

It would appear as though the only angle that dutiful son Nick Beyak was willing to take in last week's letter to the editor was to attack Councillor Judson's personal character and allege ulterior motives regarding Judson's public criticism of Senator Lynn Beyak, Nick's mother.

Move towards reconciliation

Dear editor,

The following is in response to Nick Beyak's letter dated April 3, 2019.

An inquiry report under the Ethics and Conflict of Interest Code for Senators concerning Senator Lynn Beyak was release on March 19, 2019 confirming letters published on her website did indeed contain racist content.


Dear editor:

I am writing in response to a letter submitted to your newspaper by Nick Beyak, the son of Senator Lynn Beyak.

Call out hate

Dear editor,

I would like to personally add my support to Councillor Douglas Judson in the fight to call out racism and behaviours within the ranks of leadership and power.

Racist actions, racist words

Dear editor,

I am writing in rebuttal to Nick Beyak's article about Senator Lynn Beyak. I am highly disappointed that a local businessman would come out on the wrong side of history and espouse colonial-apologist drivel in support of a local senator flagrantly violating ethics code.

Confront racism

Dear editor:

In a letter published last week, Nick Beyak has once again come to the breathless defence of his mother, Senator Lynn Beyak.

This follows her latest official reprisal—this time from the Senate Ethics Officer—and my subsequent comments on the matter at a meeting of Fort Frances town council.

Resign immediately

Dear editor,

It's never a good sign when you are chastised by an ethics commissioner and kicked out of your own party for intolerant views.

Senator Beyak's extremist and ill informed views aren't helpful in ensuring better social and economic First Nation outcomes.

Actions louder than words

To the editor,

As the son of Senator Lynn Beyak, a taxpayer, and business owner in Fort Frances, I was initially surprised to see the Senate Ethics Officer's inquiry mentioned in the municipal council meeting on March 25 by Councillor Doug Judson. 

Public education at risk

To the People

of Ontario,

Did you go to school? Chances are, the answer to that question is, “Yes!”

Did you get your education at a public school (Catholic schools included)? Chances are, the answer to that question is “Yes!”