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Two concerns

Dear editor:

I have two things I am concerned about.

I just saw on Facebook that the town wants to cut down the beautiful trees on Scott Street. I did not see anything written in the newspaper about this.

When you look down the street from Pharmasave, our street is just beautiful.

Trees help keep our air clean by taking lots of pollution out of the air. They also give us shade.

Do we need to put new block sidewalks? How can we afford this when we can't even afford a public washroom in town?

I don't think the damage, what little there is of it, all comes from the tree roots. In McIrvine, the sidewalks are damaged a little and they say it's from the frost, so maybe some of the damage downtown is from frost, as well.

I also read in the paper that some people want to change the name of Colonization Road to something else. I have lived on this road for almost 65 years.

I look up in Webster's Dictionary and “colonization” is only a body of people who settled in a new country. Anyone can live on this street who wants to—and do.

How can we afford to change the name? Has anyone thought how much it will cost?

We first put up the beautiful new blue signs marking our road. Then all the things that also would have to be changed include our health cards, driver's licences, income tax, census, all our phone books, voting lists, and addresses for all our government and personal mail.

It would cost millions of dollars.

I think we all get along well with all our people.

Thank you for the space in the paper.


Betty Batiuk

Fort Frances, Ont.

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