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Spectacular display

Dear editor:

Our mayor mentioned that the July 1 fireworks would be better than ever. Well, he was totally right!

What a spectacular display it was! My vantage point was across from Rainy Lake Sports & Tackle and I had the perfect view!

The aquatics were unbelievable with the colours spreading across the upper river. The “booms” from all the other fireworks made it very exciting and the many colours kept everyone watching intently.

Near the end of the display, the configurations at the water's edge were amazing. I thought the show was ending but I was pleasantly surprised—there was more!

There really are no words to describe the finale adequately but I'll try: continuous excitement and “breathtakingly" beautiful with what I call "peacock spots” in the midst of fireworks overlapping the sprays.

I couldn't believe the variety of fireworks the team provided for our viewing pleasure. I truly was in awe!

No one can really appreciate how much work goes into the preparation of that day unless he/she has actually helped with the set-up.

I've had the pleasure of being part of that group in the past. July 1 is a 15-hour day for the team!

So, major kudos to John, Emil, and Yvonne from CanFire, the suppliers, and to our local volunteers: Dave Coats, Hal Mickelson, Brian Norris, Willy Cole, Jeff Savage, and June Caul. All your many hours of hard work certainly paid off—big time!

I am so proud to know that our community has such competent individuals who so readily volunteered their time to give us the best “Canada 150” celebration ever!


Diane Maxey

Fort Frances, Ont.

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