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Dear editor,


I've been having trouble hearing the programs on the TV because the background noise is louder than the people talking. A friend of my daughter offered her his head-phones for me to try out. They were exactly what I needed, so she bought a set at a local drugstore in Fort Frances. She brought them out to me and she worked for over 30 minutes and couldn't get them to work. She phoned the technical staff at the suppliers and they still couldn't get them to work. He suggested she take them in and try on her TV, in case it was my TV. Still didn't work! He said they were faulty and take them back to the store and get another set. Guess what??? They said they couldn't take them back because of COVID-19!!! They didn't work! My daughter said she would put them in a plastic bag as they were going to be garbage. Didn't matter! Wouldn't take them back! They didn't work!

So she phoned the supplier and they said they would ship her another set. That was in April! She hadn't heard from them for a while and then received an e-mail apologizing, saying they were overwhelmed because of the epidemic, but was still sending her a replacement set.

As of today, she still hasn't received anything and they no longer answer her e-mails!

So can anyone tell me if there is something a consumer can do, when a product is faulty, to get a replacement or a refund?

I'm a pensioner and don't have another $150 to buy another set.

Please phone me at 486-3378 if anyone can help me.

Thank you.

Joyce Young

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