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Drastically wrong

Dear editor:

I would like to comment on the letter submitted in this last week’s Fort Frances Times by Mary Curtis regarding the Riverside board meeting held in the boardroom of the Emo Health Centre.

Word had gotten around via the bush telegraph that this meeting was going to be of some importance to the local population regarding the lack of X-ray services now in the Emo Health Centre.

I think it was very short-sighted of the board to have the meeting in such a small place as the boardroom.

I will not comment further on Mrs. Curtis’ letter as I think she covered the problem quite well. I would, however, like to make a comment on the work of the hospital auxiliary that has served the Emo Health Centre so faithfully and so well for so many years.

They not only fundraise for the hospital/long-term care facility but are responsible for manning the cafeteria that connects the hospital to the Golden Age Manor.

They have a group of volunteers who assist them in this task, as well as giving their time to helping with the events that provide the auxiliary with their funding to do good works.

Should they decide to cease manning the cafeteria, it would have to be closed—period.

I wonder if people realize that when it is reported that the auxiliary donated so much for the X-ray and so much for the tub, etc., that that money came from the hard work and long hours the ladies put in to provide the food, etc. for the functions.

Here I should mention, too, that all the goodies put on for sale at the teas, etc. are paid for, to a large extent, by the ladies who make them and provide them.

It is too bad that the richest province in the country, from one of the richest countries in the world, cannot see their way clear to provide the necessities these ladies work so hard to provide.

There is something drastically wrong with this picture.

I will close in mentioning that what I have said must happen throughout the Rainy River District and beyond.


Gordon Woollard

Emo, Ont.

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