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Dear editor,

Man has advanced far enough that we are now consuming our own garbage.

We've poisoned our creeks, rivers and lakes. I suppose our freshwater is all but safe, but it's safe to say our groundwater is polluted.

Animals and game of all sorts are being subjected to poisons at an alarming rate.

I propose a solution to a very large problem that man has created: garbage!

Garbage that is organic breaks down and emits harmful gases into our atmosphere. Carbon and methane escape into our atmosphere which in turn helps to deplete the ozone. While all organic materials break down over a matter of time, others such as food break down much faster, in turn causing or helping other material to decompose.

While covering that material or burning it takes it away from sight, it does not stop the process of decomposing that material.

So to make this short, what I propose is to use vermiculture (the process of using worms to decompose organic food waste, turning the waste into a nutrient-rich material capable of supplying necessary nutrients to help sustain plant growth) to help control and clean up our waste land or dumps.

Naturally, this will not happen overnight and will be an ever-continuing process over a time as more and more garbage continues to build up.

But now the area is being cleaned up and returned to a natural state—other than the toxic materials, metals and plastic that continue to fill out landfill sites.

Our landfill sites are way behind but not only can we catch up to speed with the times but perhaps get ahead by cleaning up our messes and garbage which will help all living species, including mankind.

Worms doing what worms do—a natural way of curing the damage we have done.


Douglas Forbes

Doug's Dirty Diggers

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