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Action needed

Dear Mike:

This is a copy of a letter I sent to town council last week, which has been referred to a committee meeting possibly next Wednesday (Dec. 6) at 8:30 a.m.

If others have a similar complaint, call the town hall at 274-5323 and they can give you the phone number of Public Works to talk to Milt Strachan and/or Travis Rob.

Dear Mayor and Council:

This letter is being submitted as a matter of public safety; for your edification and, hopefully, action in the near future. I refer specifically to snow removal practices in the Scott Street business district.

The local downtown merchants are very good at clearing their stretches of sidewalk but are limited by the street-side snowbanks. Many of them (merchants) cut access gaps in the snow but these often are rendered inaccessible by vehicles parked on the street.

Attempting to climb over these banks is extremely hazardous for all, but especially for people with diminished mobility.

Moreover, these snowbanks also form miniature ice dams, which impede drainage from the sidewalks and, upon freezing, create doubly treacherous clear ice on the backside of the banks.

I write as a recent casualty of the snowbanks on Scott Street and, in the interests of reducing the risk of additional accident and/or injury to the public from the current inadequate approach, respectfully submit the following.

For the designated downtown blocks, when clearing the main street, municipal crews should remove the snowbanks concurrently with their formation by the grader.

While this admittedly may prove more costly that the present system, it might very well prove to be considerably less so than any potential lawsuit directed toward the town resulting from injury.

Thanks you in advance for your consideration of this matter.


Carole F. Mackintosh

Fort Frances, Ont.

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