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Top 10 tips to avoid the ’flu

Ontario is offering everyone 10 helpful tips to stay healthy and reduce the risk of spreading the ’flu and other viruses to your friends and family.

1. Get the ’flu shot (it’s free).

The ’flu shot helps your body build the defences it needs to protect you from the ’flu. It can prevent the ’flu from taking hold up to 90 percent of the time among healthy adults and children.

Virtual dementia tour to highlight ‘Alzheimer Month’

Families and caregivers of those with dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease will be able to gain insight as to what it is like to experience the world like their loved ones when the Alzheimer Society of Kenora-Rainy River Districts brings a free virtual dementia tour to Fort Frances next week to coincide with “Alzheimer Awareness Month.”