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Clear choice

Brightly-flashing neon signs could not have illuminated any better the choice facing American voters in the Nov. 8 election that was on display Monday night during the first presidential debate.

Rings hollow

Canada is being applauded on the world stage for accepting almost 31,000 Syrian refugees since the end of last year.

And in fact, Immigration minister John McCallum, attending a conference on refugees at the United Nations in New York City, said more than a dozen countries around the world are looking to Canada’s refugee program as a model to emulate.

High praise, indeed.

Long overdue

We all know Fort Frances is the gateway to Northwestern Ontario and, as such, the town plays a key role in projecting a positive “first impression” to tourists coming to enjoy our beautiful area—whether streaming across the border or travelling the Highway 11/71 corridor.

The cornerstone of that, of course, is being welcoming by nature.

True treasure

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau capped off his eight-day visit to China with a stop in Hong Kong yesterday, where he paid tribute to the relatively small contingent of Allied soldiers—including Canadians—who were killed or captured trying to defend the former British colony from the invading Japanese army back in December, 1941.

Premature pledge

Where do you stand on electoral reform?

The federal government certainly wants to know. An all-party committee has been hearing from experts over the summer—and is set to conduct cross-country consultations this fall before submitting its final report by Dec. 1.

Settle dispute

Despite progress reportedly being made over the summer, the current labour dispute between the Rainy River District School Board and the local Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation threatens to carry into the new school year.

Not listening

Premier Kathleen Wynne’s itinerary for the Rainy River District showed just how out of touch she is with Northwestern Ontario residents.

During the handful of hours she visited Rainy River District yesterday, all of her time was controlled so that she would only meet with selected groups, some behind closed doors.

Olympic pride

The Olympics will open in just over two days. As Canadians, our hearts swell whenever we watch a Canadian compete.

In Rio, 313 athletes will make up the Canadian Olympic team with 60 percent of the competitors being women. They range in age from 16-year-old Shallon Olsen competing in artistic Gymnastics for 59-year -old Lesley Thomson-Willy competing in rowing.

Choose hope

You can’t blame Canadians for feeling a little “déja vu” while watching the U.S. election process unfold on our TV sets.

The “hope” versus “fear” theme that is permeating the campaign south of the border certainly has a familiar ring to it given that’s precisely how our own federal election transpired back in October.