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Two-way street


With school back in session, the streets are seeing more bicycle and pedestrian traffic.

What this means is residents—not just school age children—who are walking and riding bicycles on the sidewalks and roadways must take measures to ensure they are safe and following the law.

For example, cyclists are reminded that the use of bicycle helmets is mandatory for persons under the age of 18 years and members of the public older than 18 are strongly urged to wear the proper safety equipment.

Cyclists also must ride on the right side of the road (the same direction as traffic) while pedestrians, when there's no sidewalk available, must walk on the right side of the road (in the opposite direction as traffic).

Those riding bikes also must take caution at intersections, make eye contact with other drivers to ensure they are seen, and shoulder check and signal before turning.

Cyclists must not carry passengers if their bicycle is only meant for one person, and have a white light to the front and a red reflector to the back if riding at night.

When walking or riding a bicycle, the public should also strongly consider the use of high visibility clothing.

Of course, it's vital that all motorists must be alert of who else is on the roadways and take steps accordingly.

For drivers of motor vehicles, give cyclists room when passing.

Drivers are required to maintain a minimum one-metre distance from cyclists when passing on the highway.

They should also be aware of young cyclists and keep in mind that they don't have the driving experience of adults.

After all, safety is a two-way street.

—Duane Hicks

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