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Real message?


Hydro One already is in most people’s bad books with its exorbitant rates—especially for those who live in rural areas like here in Rainy River District.

Needless to say, the Ontario Energy Board’s recent announcement of a 2.5 percent increase in time-of-use pricing only will exacerbate that view.

What’s sure to really get everyone’s gumption, however, is the apparent reason behind the latest hike: to recoup a revenue shortfall over the winter months.

That’s right, due to our relatively mild winter, Ontarians used less electricity. But instead of being a reason to celebrate, the reward for using less is having to pay more. Yay!

In essence, the real message here is don’t conserve energy otherwise it will cost you more down the road.

This twisted logic brings back memories of the great “bag tag” debate here a few years ago. Town council was mulling yet another price hike because people were recycling more—which diverted more waste from the local landfill site which, in turn, resulted in less revenue that needed to be made up.

In other words, we were paying for bag tags in order to reduce waste, but had to keep paying more because we reduced waste.

It’s almost hilarious if it wasn’t so sad.

Looking forward, if there’s ever a renewed push to install water meters here to cut consumption, be warned what the actual result evidently will be: higher and higher rates.

Again, yay!

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