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Here's hoping


The people have spoken.

Congratulations to Marcus Powlowski for being elected as our Member of Parliament in Monday's federal election.

He won a tight race among the three major parties, and now joins Patty Hajdu, who was re-elected in Thunder Bay-Superior North, as two of three Liberal MPs in northwestern Ontario. Liberal mainstay Bob Nault lost his seat to Conservative Eric Melillo in the race for the Kenora riding.

And now Mr. Powlowski's work truly begins.

The list of issues before Parliament include crucial issues ranging from carbon tax and the environment, Indigenous policy, new taxes, and job creation and the economy to pharmacare, child care, housing, foreign policy, immigration, Quebec's Bill 21, and gun control.

Let's hope Mr. Powlowski stands by his pledge to speak with the people of the Thunder Bay-Rainy River riding, learn what they're thinking, and then go on to represent and speak for them in Ottawa.

Kudos also to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau whom the majority of voters have given another term to fulfil his promises.

Here's hoping that Mr. Trudeau, with four years of experience under his belt, and the rest of the Liberal minority government can work together with the other parties to get important work done for the sake of all Canadians.

And time may be of the essence—financial analysts noted yesterday that recent Canadian minority governments have failed within an average of two years, with voters going back to the polls ahead of the usual four-year run of a majority government.

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