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Nuinsco discusses future of project in Richardson

After seven years of exploring mineral properties in Rainy River District, Toronto-based Nuinsco Resources Ltd. will step into a new phase early next month when it kicks off the “#17 Zone Bulk Sample Advanced Exploration Project.”

The $1.8-million venture will facilitate the removal of 1,500 tons of gold zone rock from underground in Richardson Township.

Band encourages budding scientists

Rainy River First Nation youths are mixing traditional Anishinabe beliefs with modern science during the summer science camp at Manitou Rapids which runs until August.

About 30 “scientists” from age seven to 14 gather every Tuesday and Thursday at the band office for four hours of scientific learning and experiments.

But don’t tell that to camp’s participants.

Emo marks centennial in style

While Canada was enjoying its 132nd anniversary last Thursday, Emo likewise was having a fantastic time kicking off its three-day centennial celebrations.

People came in from all parts of Ontario, and as far away as New Mexico, Arizona, Alberta, Quebec, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Minnesota to take in the festivities.

Just your average taxidermist

Tony Richards.

Nothing unusual about the name. Average, really.

And in fact, Richards is an average guy, living in an average house in Barwick. He will be married in two weeks but at least a portion of the wedding will be paid for by his anything-but-average trade.

Richards is a taxidermist—an animal mortician so to speak.