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Voyageur Panel tours up and running

Summer tours are up and running at Voyageur Panel in Barwick, offering residents and tourists the chance to see how oriented strandboard (OSB) is made.

Built for $100 million, employing 140 people, and producing enough panels in one year to cross the country one-and-a-half times, a look around the inside of the plant may be surprising as it appears to be running on its own.

Congregation bids farewell to pastor

Pastor Dan Pearson, his wife, Leah, and their daughter, Clara, will be moving on to Minnedosa, Man. in July after five years at Off Lake Evangelical Covenant Church.

They were honoured at a fond farewell party Sunday, May 29. Friends participated in the dinner and program that followed in the church sanctuary, which was packed for the occasion.

Carpenter family to perform at reunion

KBHW Radio in International Falls is pleased to have the Carpenter family participating in the All-Class Reunion ladies’ breakfast slated Saturday, July 2 at the Holiday Inn, Peggy Gustafson said.

The Carpenters are a family of nine that perform a variety of music with a Christ-centered focus. They range in age from eight to 26, and all play instruments and sing.