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Draft horse show

This year’s draft horse show was as impressive as ever, but some might say it was even more so this year: for the first time in the fair’s history, yearlings were in the competition.

“I thought it’d be something different,” said Shane Brown, who showed his horses Chuck, 1 year, and Chester, 13 months.

Nuinsco completes airborne survey

Nuinsco Resources Ltd. chairman and CEO Douglas Hume was in the area last week to oversee airborne mineral surveys carried out by helicopter over Richardson township—the results of which won’t be known for about three weeks.

Residents in the Emo and Barwick area probably spotted the survey helicopter, flying with a large donut-like contraption on a dangling cable.

Both family ties in old farm

No one stayed the night but the hubbub at the Both farm during the annual Chapple Day celebration Saturday was reminiscent of the early 1900s.

The homestead, located four km north of Barwick and which includes a barn and blacksmith shop, was once a regular visit for farmers in Chapple.