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Local Métis elect new council

The Sunset Country Métis is ready to face a new term with a council that includes both familiar and new faces, as well as a couple vacancies, following Saturday’s election here.

Former president Earl Klyne, Sen. Gordon Calder, and youth rep Nathan DeGagne were elected to the executive during polling Friday and Saturday.

Emo woman enjoys quilting as hobby

It is bringing back memories of when I used to make twice-a-week visits to the late Margaret ‘Marg’ McLeod’s residence to get an update on local news and view her quilt-making.

It was something else to watch—cutting material up into squares, sewing them together on her reliable modern sewing machine, and then tying up the material to the under sheet for stability.

German student thriving in the cold

Anka Rebehn is energetic and confident, but has a penchant for losing her identification.

Although the 16-year-old German girl has been living at the home of Corey and Darryl Dyck in Rainy River since Aug. 21, she has had the chance to visit some other Canadian destinations—losing her passport somewhere in the Canadian Rockies and her visa in a Winnipeg mall.

Trout Road should stay closed: Darby

In a report released today, the district manager of the Ministry of Natural Resources here has decided the disputed Trout Road will remain closed to vehicular access under the 2002-2022 Crossroute Forest Management Plan.

“My decision is based upon very careful review and consideration of all available and relevant information,” noted Bill Darby.

‘100th Day’ tradition goes on

Each year, the grade one to three classes at Sturgeon Creek celebrate being in school for 100 days. They celebrate this by doing a number of activities involving the number 100.

This year, the grade one-two class made projects out of 100 things. They made a chain out of 100 beads and one out of 100 Cheerios, and saw which one was longer.