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Employees laid off at Proboard

Proboard Limited of Atikokan laid off administrative and supervisory staff yesterday after negotiations between the company and CEP Local #49-0 employees broke off Tuesday.

“We made all the attempts we could,” plant manager Richard Griffiths said this morning. “I really don’t know what we’re going to do. I really don’t.”

Summer reading program wraps up

The summer reading program at the Emo Public Library wound up Aug. 13, said librarian Shirley Sheppard, noting more than 40 children registered with 29 participating to the close.

The theme of this year’s reading program was “Summer Sleuths.”

The program was sponsored by the TD Bank Financial Group, Ontario Library Service, and the Toronto Public Library Foundation.

Hobbyist enjoys making playhouses

A hobbyist at heart, Arend Wielinga most likely can fix anything. He is creative in many ways, knows the measurements to the “t,” and yet he will say, “I am Jack of all Trades and Master of None.”

Anyone who has been in the Wielinga yard will vouch to the attractive way Arend has it assembled, everything in the right location.

School board welcomes student trustee

The Rainy River District School Board announced Fort Frances High School student Steve Lovisa as its 2001-02 student trustee, replacing last year’s trustees Sharleen Hanson and Danielle Shrumm of Rainy River High School.

“Mr. Simpson asked me I’d like to do it,” Lovisa said before last night’s the regular meeting at the board office here.

Crozier artist ‘rocks’ on

After years of creating acrylic paintings on canvas, Crozier artist Pam Brandrick is now rushing to keep up with demand for her latest venture—rock paintings.

What began as an interesting sideline to her acrylic works has become a full-time job as Brandrick has painted hundreds of pictures on flat stones from this edge of the Canadian Shield.

STL gearing up for fall

An affordable annual membership is required to borrow any items from the Stratton Toy Library, noted co-ordinator Patti Brown, who is being assisted by Laurie Anderson.

The STL provides a variety of stimulating toys that are appropriate for children up to 12 years of age, including those for children with special needs.