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Seed sales up in some areas


The district's agricultural community has struggled with a late spring this season and for many farmers it has delayed when they generally get their seeds planted by.

A few weeks ago there was issues with excess moisture and only recently, over the past few weeks, have night-time temperatures moved away around the freezing mark.

This has caused a two-week delay in the growing season for several of the district's farmers, according to Purity Seeds owner, Larry Lamb who has noted an increase of seed sales in a couple areas.

Primarily forage seeds for growing hay crops have been purchased in higher amounts than normal as well as forage oats for winter feeding.

“I know that the forage oats have become more popular because of the feed quality and how it helps the animals to do better in the winter time,” Lamb noted.

He said the other types of seeds being sold is pretty consistent with years past—although sainfoin (a perennial cool-season legume) is starting to receive more interest from customers as well as some specialized alfalfas.

A week ago, Lamb also noted that most of the area's producer have gotten their seeds in the ground, overall he'd say it's probably around 75 percent complete.

Most farmers purchase their seeds as needed but Lamb said seed sales will slow down from now until August, when winter wheat, fall rye, and certain forage seeds are bought.

These crops are planted late in the season so they are ready to grow the following spring.

Meanwhile, Johannes Gerber of Emo Feed said barley has been seeing an increase in sales this year.

“That's something guys are trying more in this area because you need good soil for barley, it can't be too wet and with tile drainage guys are taking the risk more,” he noted.

Gerber said other seed sales have been pretty consistent, particularly with soybeans, grass seed, and oat sales.

He added that the focus at Emo Feed has been on helping the agricultural community get better yields.

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