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Rainy River Meats gets intern funding


The Rainy River Regional Abattoir took over operations at Rainy River Meats in Emo earlier this year and recently received funding to hire a marketing intern.

Local MPP Greg Rickford stopped by the store last Wednesday to announce a $31,500 investment to fund the position for one year through the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporations (NOHFC).

Cassidy Teeple is part of a farm family and is thrilled to be promoting locally raised meat throughout the district.

Rainy River District Regional Abattoir board member Kim Jo Bliss said since Teeple started operations have ran more effectively.

“Really what we're working on is getting more local food out in our district and using more social media,” explained Bliss,

“Since Cassidy started, there's a few new places who have [our] meat—actually within the district.”

Teeple said she really enjoys her position at Rainy River Meats and hopes to work there after the internship ends.

Rickford noted there's a good chance of this happening with NOHFC funded internships having a great retention rate.

“We've got a great success rates and a lot of retained jobs from people from these internships, so it looks like a promising future,” he enthused,

“It's 87 percent of people who do these internship programs either stay in the job that they were interning in or stay in a job related to the internship that they did.”

The internship program is also a great way of keeping young people in the Rainy River District and helping them get hands on experience as they move into their field of interest, according to Rickford.

Bliss says it's great to keep skilled employees local.

“We're really happy because Cassidy is working in the district where a lot of young people leave. She graduated from con-college in Fort Frances and was able to stay working here so we're really happy to have her,” she enthused.

Without Teeple, Rainy River Meat's capacity to sell locally would be greatly diminished, Bliss added.

“Right now the other co-manager of Rainy River Meats is at the Kenora Farmers' Market and sales have been great,” she said.

“Without Cassidy here they probably couldn't keep up, because they're just a little overwhelmed.”

“To be to be successful is great and Cassidy has played a really key role in that,” Bliss lauded.

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