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Emo Fair Queen in Training


Becoming Emo Fair Queen takes more than poise – it takes strength, too. This year's contestants have been taking part in a 2K-a-Day active living challenge. Each day, they spend the equivalent of two kilometres on a chosen activity, documented daily with screen shots and a tracking app. Here is a small selection of the activities this year's contestants have taken part in.

Banner (20%) - Contestants are asked to create an original banner of their own design, including the name of their sponsor. Materials are open to the imagination - glitter, puff paint, fabric, iron-ons, lace ribbons, embroidery, trim and corsages. Judging criteria includes effective use of materials, original ideas and excellence of effect/appeal. This event is marked by a professional seamstress.


Interview (20%) - Questions are asked by a panel of Judges. Judging criteria include composure, responses to questions, eye contact/expression (being themselves), answers question effectively, overall impression.


Letter to the Editor/Newspaper (20%) - 250-word essay/article describing a topic that the contestant feels strongly or passionate about. It is intended to be a “human interest” submission that readers would enjoy reading and learning about. Judging criteria include originality, creativity, content/ideas, voice, expression, overall impression to the audience. (Letter submissions, along with photos and biographies of each contestant, were published in last week's Fort Frances Times.)


Entertainment (20 %) - Contestants are asked to showcase their individuality and talent, in a 5-10 minute video. Whether they're singing, dancing, reciting a skit, or anything else, judges are looking for originality, preparation, appropriateness, overall performance, and rapport. This will be judged by a four-member judging panel on crowning night. All contestants submitted entertainments will be shown on a big screen for family/friends to see on crowning night.


2-Kilometres a Day for Charity (20%) – This component is an active living challenge, which encourages active lifestyle as well as giving back to the community. Contestants are asked to engage in two kms of activity of their choice – walking, jogging, yard work, etc - to be tracked through daily screenshots and a phone app. The Rainy River Valley Agricultural Society will match $2 to every kilometre the contestants complete. The money raised will be donated to the Tamarack House, in honour of Dorthy Bonot, a past fair queen organizer, who lost her battle with cancer.


A panel of Judges will judge and mark in each category. These marks are given to an Auditor who compiles the results. The final crowning will take place on August 13. Although the final event is by invitation only, to comply with COVID-19 regulations, organizers are investigating a video or live stream option for the general public.


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