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Beef Club meets again


The second United Beef Club meeting was held at the home of Neil and Angela Haw on Tuesday, May 28, 2019.

The junior leaders started off our meeting with a halter judging activity.

All members were divided into two groups and had to place leather and rope halters one to five. Each group had to give reasons as to why they placed each halter where they did.

Next, the leaders put together an apple judging activity. All members judged a class of five apples.

The apples were judged on appearance, feel, shape, and colour. We learned that each member had placed the apples in a similar order.

We then watched two videos on beef judging.

The first was about judging finished steers and the second on breeding females. It listed examples on what to look for when judging a class of animals.

The members were then placed into three groups and given an example of a beef animal to judge. The groups listed off things that they look for when thinking of an ideal animal.

Lastly, the members went outside and judged three steers. Then all members discussed their placings with the group.

The meeting was adjourned, and all the members enjoyed refreshments and snacks.

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