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COVID-19 business reopening list

With restrictions easing by the Ontario Government, numerous businesses are now reopening with social distancing measures in place. We have complied a list of businesses that are currently starting to open to the public, and will continue to update this list in the days to come as more information is provided to us.

Police briefs

A Vancouver man, who has been the target of a widespread police search, has died.

Nazariy Gelitiy, 24 years old of Vancouver, British Columbia was last seen September 12, 2020 near Roussin Road in Machin Township (west of Dryden). His car had been discovered abandoned in the area on September 12, prompting police to issue a search, out of concern for the man’s well-being.

First poker run a successful

The first annual Redrum Motorcycle Club Treaty #3 Poker Run was a success, according to organizers.

“All the support was awesome and it was great to see,” said James Eastman. The new charter's first run attracted several dozen motorcycle enthusiasts and Redrum MC members from across he region, to raise money for charity and share their passion for motorcycles.

Greenhouses adjust to local demands created by pandemic

COVID-19 forced people to spend more time indoors, encouraging them to find new hobbies and crafts to feed their boredom. Coupled with this adjustment was businesses both trying to cater to local demands and remaining afloat.

According to greenhouses in Fort Frances, more people began gardening after COVID-19.