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Dear editor:

Thank you for the space provided in your newspaper for the letters submitted to the Rainy River District School Board. These issues affect all of us in the district, in particular, our children.

This board, through its action or more accurately inaction, leaves one with the impression that the board is unwilling or unable to exercise its fiduciary responsibility. In fact, it appears that the board works for and acts as management directs.

A management whose style and approach does not include frontline staff or students as a priority.

Are you fed up with the conduct of business by this board? As a community, our options to effect any change are the following:

•Do nothing, wait two years for the next election, and hope for the best;

•Initiate a class-action lawsuit; and

•Petition the minister of education under Sec. 230 (c) of the Education Act to investigate the affairs of this board.

Option #1, in my opinion, is untenable. Option #2 requires substantial time, organization, and funding.

Option #3 appears to be the most expedient approach for us to attempt.

With this option in mind, we have established an online petition to the minister at

At our request, this site was created by, and will be administrated by, the Fort Frances Times’ Web design team to ensure security and integrity of this site; and that the participants in this petition only will be disclosed to the minister and her staff.

I intend to continue submitting correspondence to the board regarding the missing funds at Fort High and the $300,000 line of credit over the next few weeks. We will provide frequent updates concerning the status of the petition to both the Fort Frances Times and B•93FM.

Go to to participate in this petition—and pass it on to your friends.

Thank you,

David Kircher

Fort Frances, Ont.

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