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Abject failure

Dear editor:

Last week, the Town of Fort Frances released the costs and expenses related to the mayor and councilors for public information.

On Feb. 22, 2009, I submitted an e-mail to the Rainy River District School Board requesting detailed budgets of the board and trustee compensation and expenses for the board’s fiscal year ending in August, 2008.

I also agreed to pay the prescribed fee for this information ($30 per hour and $.20 per page for copying).

At the time of writing this letter, I still have not received that information. Makes one wonder if, in fact, detailed budgets are done.

This response from a board that considers itself, and I quote, “transparent, accessible, and accountable.”

As my previous letters indicate, this board has failed to oversee and be accountable for the missing funds at Fort Frances High School to its constituents.

If you agree, please go to to register your support for the petition to the minister of education.

Thank you,

David Kircher

Fort Frances, Ont.

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