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Seniors’ survey underway here

The Assisted Living Action Group (A.L.A.G.) has launched its survey to determine the current and future housing and support service needs of older adults in Rainy River District.

The survey can be found online at or you can request a paper copy from June Caul by calling her at 274-2209 or 275-6624, or e-mailing her at

A.L.A.G. wants the survey to be completed by each individual age 45 and older (required for a 20-year plan), as well as those who are under 45 years of age if they require a basic level of care or provide care to another person.

The closing date for the survey is June 22. Information will be kept confidential.

A.L.A.G. will be conducting presentations in communities throughout Rainy River District during the survey timeline.

If a group or individual requires more information or assistance with completing their survey, feel free to contact Caul.

After the survey closing date on June 22, A.L.A.G. will compile a report on the results by mid-August.

A post-survey strategic planning session then is planned for the end of September.

In an e-mail to the Times, A.L.A.G. chairperson Erma Armit said several factors spurred the development of the survey, including:

  • older adults who have made substantial contributions to all aspects of the community have had to move out of the district to meet their housing and service needs;
  • there has been feedback from family members regarding their desperate search for appropriate housing and services for their loved ones; and
  • older adults who come to A.L.A.G. meetings have expressed their current, or near future, personal needs for appropriate housing and services.

The survey was developed by a committee which consisted primarily of retired older adults “who received tremendous input and support from a wide variety of community partners, many of whom provide service in the district or administer district programs for older adults,” said Armit.

“Sincere appreciation is extended to all who have participated. Many eyes have been involved in reviewing and critiquing the survey,” she remarked, noting Riverside Health Care Facilities, Inc. volunteered staff time and its computer software to set it up online.

There was some, but very little, negative response to the development of the survey, added Armit, saying the response of the general public will be determined upon completion of the survey.

The survey is not perfect but the cost of development, distribution, and follow-up is not a burden on taxpayers, she stressed.

As well, the print on paper copies of the survey is too small for the eyes of the older adult, admitted Armit.

Older adults who have problems reading the paper copy are encouraged to find a family member or a friend to help them complete their input on paper or on the computer.

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