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Importance of immunization stressed

April 21-28, 2012 is National Immunization Awareness Week and the Northwestern Health Unit would like to remind everyone of the importance of immunization.

Thanks to immunization, many diseases are effectively and safely controlled, thus reducing the burden of illness in our communities.

No matter what our age, we never outgrow our need for immunizations.

An important time for immunization arises when the possibility of travel enters into our plans. This year, the Northwestern Health Unit asks you to think of the following:

Is there travel in your future? Travel for business or pleasure, in Canada or abroad?

“Early planning is the key to prevention,” said Donna Stanley, manager of the Infectious Disease program.

“As soon as you think about travelling, call us to check your immunization records and requirements,” she noted.

“Risks are tied to not just where you are going, but also to what you may be doing while you are there, so this applies to all travel plans.

“Many travel health risks can be avoided with early planning, knowledge, and immunization,” Stanley stressed.

Even if you are not planning on travelling, it is important to keep your immunizations up to date.

The Canadian Coalition for Immunization Awareness and Promotion reminds everyone that “immunizations are not just for kids.”

As more people in your community are immunized, the disease risk for everyone is reduced.

Both adults and children have specific immunization needs. Fully-immunized adults protect not only themselves, but also children who have not yet completed the full series of childhood immunizations.

Minimize your health risks by contacting your local Northwestern Health Unit office regarding your immunization status.

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